Technology hates me, no really!

Yes, I’m pretty sure technology hates me.

I’ve owned three laptops in my life. The first one never worked in the first place, the second developed a strange vertical green line and then crashed. My third one, the silver dell inspiron I happen to be typing on at the moment, has had a medley of annoying and frustrating issues. First, it crashed at least twice with different viruses. Months ago, the bottom 1/3 of the screen simply stopped working—I wasted money to fix it, and it worked for about 2 weeks, and then stopped working again. Currently it looks like an alien bruise, bright blue lines like a bar code, with a dull pink between the blue lines, and one spot of purple. I have no idea what this means. I’ve figured out how to work around it. Even got used to it—it’s like a tiny extreme HD screen. Most recently, my laptop refused to go onto Windows—it just blinking at me for hours on end. I reinstalled windows, lost some data, and uploaded two different versions of Word (a copy of ’97 I bought for a buck at a thrift shop* and ’07 because it’s new and shiny.)

And now, my laptop will not recognize its own internal Wi-Fi card or the internet even if it is directly plugged into a modem. I’ve lost all of the drivers on disks, and had to download them from the internet (via my father’s “family” desktop.) Even with these downloads, I cannot connect. I’ve printed a sheet of things to check—one thing said to look into Device Manager to see if it can recognize its Wi-Fi card. I just looked, and my computer can’t find the Device Manager either.

It’s just mocking me now.

On an upbeat note, I am 100% sure I will receive for Christmas a new laptop (for once, not eBay-bought) that I picked out. I’m just sulking for now, because there is no privacy on my Dad’s desktop, and it’s cold in the basement.

Other technology hates me too, mind. My DVD player stopped recognizing disks, and my cell phone frequently dies on me at full power. My DS is in pieces—though that is the fault of a friend, me, and Nintendo**. Every game will glitch in my presence. My TV constantly goes blank. My teacher’s SD card reader will not work for me, my SD card, or my computer. So, no, I don’t have to own the tech for it to hate me.

I wonder if I should use my powers for good or evil.

*I have excellent luck when it comes to thrift shops and yard sales.
**Never open up a DS lite to mod—Nintendo placed a failsafe, so that if you do open it, it will break the inside of its power button.

PS: (edit) I just remembered two more reasons I dislike the computer I have to use. One: IT’S HORRIBLE TO TYPE ON. I just made about fifty typos in the last few sentences. Two: My dad somehow made it impossible to have cookies on this computer, so that I get logged off of every website every few pages–very annoying on TDF.

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