Future Plans

What do I want to do in the future?

I was thinking about it today, and my new idea? I want to move to California. This would be big, huge, but I think it’s the kind of thing I need. I think, in a little more than a year, when I turn 19, I should go.
Why? Well, I’ll tell you. In bullet points! (Don’t you love this little look into a cartoonist’s head?)

  • Independence. I need to get away from my parents. It’s a crutch—if I’m around them I’ll depend on them. And other things. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to go and try to earn my own way. At least a little.
  • It’s not too independent. I’d move in with my uncle. He tends to try to take care of me, sure, but I can’t go from this to the other extreme. I’d have to convince him to let me pay some rent, and to treat me more like a roommate then his niece—like splitting the work and buying half the food and cooking half the meals. I can’t live by myself. I also don’t think I could live without a cat or dog—at least not without feeling bad. He has this beautiful little dog that my mom and I had to take care of when he moved back to Cali himself.  Also, because I’d move in with my uncle, my loving smother would actually let me go.
  • Disney/Nickelodeon. Disney has an internship program that I wish to get into. Nicktoon Studios is in Burbank…not too far away to maybe visit, maybe become an intern there.
  • It’s not here. I want to leave…I’m so tired of this island/town/house/state. I mean, yeah I’m a New Yorker at heart but I want to go somewhere else. Especially now, when all of my friends are leaving for various colleges, and it’s the time in my life when I have to leave the nest.

I might not get accepted into college this year. It’s my own damn fault, and I’m okay with that. If that happens, I’ll just work and save up money. I’ll study on my own.

In March I’m going to start working for my father. And because he’s doing a political-who-could-care-less thing I won’t say who he is or who I am to keep our opinions and identities as separate as possible. I don’t like him going into the public eye, because he’s all “everything you do will represent me” and I’m like… “great.”
Wow, I just sounded like a teenager. I hate when that happens.
Anyway, me and my dad are very different people with very different opinions.
…I wonder if he’ll let me draw a political cartoon for his website…
…yeah I’m easily distracted today.

So, if I don’t get accepted into college this year, I’ll:

  • Ask for more than just three hours a day working for my dad.
  • Get a second job if that’s impossible.
  • Start freelance writing
  • Study on my own. (Online College courses?)
  • Start drawing/continue writing to actually publish a goddamn book of SOMETHING.

I’m going to need photoshop soon. Because I just remembered an old idea for a book I wanted to publish, and it involves photographs. And it would help with making a webcomic.

Books to try to make and publish:

  • Snapshots
  • DON’T PANIC. A guide for everything and nothing.
  • Reaper 379
  • Stories of a Solar System far away. (No real title yet)

…Maybe I should go actually work on those. Excuse me.

Yes, so. I like this new plan…but I’m afraid of actually telling my parents. And asking my uncle. My dad… sigh.

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