A Quick Update

  • I have started in a college class.
  • I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My right arm hurts everyday, and I may need a physical therapist.
  • I haven’t been writing anything good enough to post anywhere, but I have been writing.
  • I have sunk into a rut of doing nothing–this is very bad. I need something to occupy myself. I wish to learn a new language. Perhaps German, Japanese, Latin, or Mandarin. I do not know.
  • I wish to know more of folklore–I wonder if there is a career of that. Perhaps I should write a book.
  • My friends have all moved away. Most into the city.
  • I’ve wondered, many times, why in media when someone does not believe in God, they are automatically atheists.
  • I tried to watch The Celluloid Closet. Part of it was missing online.
  • I’ve gotten into Star Trek and House. My favorite Star Trek episodes are: I, Mudd. The City on the Edge of Forever. And Amok Time.
  • I am currently working on my halloween costume. It’s an Alp.
  • No one knows what an Alp is.
  • I might have settled as a red wolf.

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