So, yes, hi there. My name is Dreama.
My theriotype/kintype is… um… well. I’m still trying to figure that out exactly. I’m a semargl, a ha-inu, a winged canine creature.
Don’t look too closely into those first two names, the first one is a lowercase spelling of the Slavic god Semargl, who takes the form of a winged dog, and the second one is the name of a winged dog from japanese… folklore? Ghost story? I keep finding the same information worded the exact same way over and over again, so I have no more info on that. They’re just words, nothing conclusive.
I’m a canine, identifying most closely at the moment with the dingo, with avian wings connecting at/behind/near (I can’t tell exactly) my shoulders and down near my hips. My tail is long, narrow, flexible, and moves unlike what I expect any canine’s tail to move. I think there’s a tuft of fur at the end, like a lion’s, but I’m not sure of this.

Some stuff from deviantART involving my therianthropy:


Autumn and the Mutt

No One Ever Sees
A poem

What’s Missing…? –this no longer applies as far as the tail goes. The message still stands.
Human Costume (2) –this no longer applies as far as fur color/species goes. The feeling behind it is still there.
Samango –This is the most current piece, most correctly disputing my trueform. Humourous name is the fault of a chatroom and the fact that color of the fur is called mango.

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